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We believe that people act, and speak, in ways that make sense to them.

We promote compassion and curiosity in seeking to understand the thoughts, behaviours and actions of others rather than judging them based on incomplete, and assumed information.

We believe this approach improves relationships, makes people feel happier and more valued, and allows the diversity of thought and experience individuals possess to produce greater results than can be achieved alone.

We help people develop the skills and motivation to understand themselves and each other better. We help people communicate more openly and connect more positively.

We believe more positive connections between team members, and the ability to consistently work together more constructively, results in better team performance, more productive working relationships and improved individual well-being.



Dr Kenwyn James

I help individuals and teams work more effectively by changing the way they have conversations, resulting in healthier and more productive relationships.


I am an accredited Workplace and Civil & Commercial Mediator and train new mediators as a faculty member for The Society of Mediators.


I am also a Consultant Anaesthetist in a large University Teaching Hospital and have worked in the NHS for over 20 years. During this time I have been Head of Department, Clinical Lead for Theatres and an Investigator for Professional Concerns and Misconduct. I have undertaken extensive work, and spoken regionally and nationally, on Patient Safety and have spent time as Medical School lead for Patient Safety and Fitness to Practice.


Throughout my career I have regularly witnessed misunderstandings, disputes, complaints and unintended outcomes involving highly trained, highly motivated individuals trying to do their best.


Traditional ways of dealing with such situations can fail to address the cultural norms that allow them to develop in the first place and can be emotionally damaging to those involved, frequently with no acceptable or sustainable solution or resolution.


I believe there is a better way. Seeking to understand the words and actions of each other, rather than acting on assumptions and judgements, can lead to healthier, happier relationships and reduce the chances of similar situations developing again.

Wyndham James

I've spent the last 20+ years working with business development and growth teams across a broad range of businesses and industries, providing strategic and tactical advice, input and training to teams around the world.

The experiences I have had and the challenges I and the teams I have worked with have faced got me thinking.

Work takes up such a large proportion of our lives, and brings significant pressures, so how can we make those environments more conducive to happiness and productivity?

The answer is, as such answers tend to be, remarkably simple in theory and more challenging in practice. After a considerable amount of time and many hours of discussion we think we have a genuine and realisable approach to improving workplace happiness and productivity. Two things that Kenwyn and I are passionate about, and NeithPax was set up to achieve.

I am also an accredited mediator, as well as a member of faculty at the Society of Mediators teaching mediation.

Outside of NeithPax I am currently working through my ICF accreditation in Transformational Coaching and am a 200hr qualified yoga teacher.

Work is a fact of life, how we choose to approach it and grow with it shapes whether it is a meaningful and fulfilling part of our lives or just a necessary evil. I spent too many years not realising that, so now want to help people get the most out of their work, and as a result their lives.

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