Learning Reviews

How often do you review and learn from how your teams work? 

How often do you review normal work processes, to identify what is going right, rather than retrospectively investigating unwanted outcomes and looking for what went wrong?

When investigating unwanted outcomes, how often do you seek to understand the thought processes of those involved rather than looking for who to hold accountable or what part of the process to change?

How valuable would it be if your teams were consistently learning and improving from their experience and knowledge of every day work, rather than only after a perceived failure?

How we can help

We specialise in reviewing all events. We use a team focussed approach, working on the principle that every team member was doing their best. We look to understand what happened and why the contributions of each individual made sense to them with a particular emphasis on the process rather than the outcome. We use the insights and experience within the team to identify learning and improve future performance. 

Our reviews can generate learning from success as well as from apparent failures. By normalising the review process, and removing the perceived threat and judgement when responding to an adverse outcome, your teams will feel more able to develop, and consistently contribute to, a culture of constant improvement.

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