Medical Mediation

How much time and effort do you spend dealing with misunderstandings, disputes, conflict, complaints and litigation?

What impact does this have on your ability to consistently deliver the high quality care you aspire to? How does it effect your own emotional and mental wellbeing?

What benefit would you gain from a more time efficient and less costly process for resolving such disputes and complaints? 

How we can help

We provide the opportunity for people to understand each other better and move past historic relationship challenges. 

We provide the opportunity for people to develop their own solutions to problems, generating greater trust and more meaningful and sustainable outcomes going forward.

At Neith Pax we have over 20 years experience in the NHS dealing with a wide range of disputes, whether between healthcare staff or between staff and patients & relatives. While happy to mediate any dispute, we have a particular interest in building, and maintaining, personal and professional relationships and constructively resolving complaints.

We also specialise in Learning Reviews looking at how adverse outcomes or outstanding successes come about. We can help you identify relevant learning and continually improve your ability to deliver high quality care.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.